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  • Delivering eggs of quality
  • Delivering eggs of quality

Wednesday 19th June 2013
The classic advertising slogan, ‘Go to work on an egg’, will be given a modern day makeover as part of this year’s British Egg Week campaign (30 September – 6 October).

More than half a century since Tony Hancock encouraged consumers to discover the benefits of eating eggs, British Lion eggs is reviving the campaign with a package of activity to introduce young people to the fast foods of yesteryear. The campaign will include a nationwide tour of schools in conjunction with the Kids’ Cookery School charity.
A special set of recipes, designed to turn novice cooks into master chefs in just seven days, will feature on www.britisheggweek.com.  The recipes, taking under 10 minutes to cook, include Eggs Benedict with a twist; Healthy Spicy Greens Stir-fry; and a Cheat’s Lemon Soufflé.
The campaign will also be promoted online through a range of media and direct to consumers via point of sale and advertorials in retailer magazines.
Andrew Joret, British Egg Industry Council Chairman, said: “Tony Hancock was right – everyone can benefit from going to work on an egg. Nutrition experts are now spreading the word about the health benefits of eggs, but we know that many people still lack the basic skills to cook them, which is a clear barrier to increasing consumption.
“Eggs are a wonderfully versatile food that can easily transform a few ingredients into a meal in minutes, so they are perfectly suited to novice cooks looking for healthy fast foods they can make themselves. That’s why we’re really looking forward to reviving the ‘Go to work on an egg’ ethos and introducing it to a new generation this British Egg Week.” 
The revival of the campaign follows calls for eggs to be deemed a superfood, with the latest scientific advice showing that they contain even more nutrients than previously thought.  Health experts have also confirmed that previous fears over cholesterol were unfounded and that there is no need to limit how many you eat.
When cooking with eggs, consumers should look for eggs bearing the Lion mark, which guarantees that they have been produced to the highest standards of food safety.  All Lion Quality eggs come from British hens vaccinated against salmonella, are fully traceable and have a ‘best before’ date on the shell as a guarantee of freshness.

This information has come from the British Egg Information Service.  For more information please contact the British Egg Information Service on 020 7052 8899 or Noble Foods Egg Products Division, e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..