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  • Delivering eggs of quality
  • Delivering eggs of quality

Friday 30th July 2013
British Lion egg producers have warned caterers that they are risking their reputation by using eggs produced to inferior food safety standards. 

The warning comes following an increase in imported eggs in 2012 and new research showing some caterers are not aware of the potential risks of using eggs that do not have the guaranteed food safety standards of the British Lion mark.
Andrew Joret, Chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, said:  “While we have effectively eliminated salmonella from British eggs, the same is not true for many other countries and we do believe that some caterers have become complacent, and think that everything’s OK now.  Sadly, history tells us that this is not the case and they do need to remain vigilant. 
Among the other findings from the research was the importance of freshness for caterers.  Andrew Joret comments: “Under the Lion scheme it is mandatory to date stamp every single egg, while this is primarily done as a food safety measure, it also ensures that caterers are using fresh eggs.  We would like to see the best before date added to all eggs sold in the UK, like we do under the Lion scheme, so that caterers can be reassured that they are getting fresh eggs.”
Following the research, the British Egg Industry Council has launched a new “Extraordinary Lengths” campaign to show how much effort goes into the food safety standards of the British Lion and to remind caterers that they should continue to show due diligence and ensure that they only use eggs that are produced to high food safety standards.
 “Our research shows that caterers actually think they are getting assured eggs, but we know from incidents in the past that restaurants who thought they were getting Lion were in fact getting imported eggs – it’s up to the caterer to specify the Lion and to check they are getting what they’ve asked for. 
”Since the horsemeat scandal caterers are increasingly looking for reassurance around the quality and safety of their meat products, so it seems a complete nonsense to then settle for second best with eggs.  We anticipate the new campaign will focus their attention on eggs and make sure that they look for the guaranteed standards of the Lion.”

This information has come from the British  Egg Information Service.  For more information please contact the British Egg Information Service on 020 7052 8899 or Noble Foods Egg Products Division, e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..